Tristan Schane began his fine arts career in New York City in 2000. His work has ranged from large oil paintings to life-size sculpture. Since 2012 he has been working in mixed media to create two- and three-dimensional works. His palette includes a vast array of materials:  graphite, oil and acrylic paint, spray-paint,  airbrush, crayon, chalk, markers, ball point pen, etc. He works the surface using anything that will leave a mark — brush, sponge, tree bark, textiles and found objects. Each piece addresses a particular concept of the artist and he uses extemporaneous processing and automatic drawing as he works to develop that concept.

Tristan has been represented by galleries in NYC, Washington DC and Los Angeles, His work has been published in books and magazines in the US,  Europe and Australia.

Tristan currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA